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Acceptance test driven software development platform for agile teams

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Key Features

clear specs

Out-of-the-box QA automation

As your product grows, the QA cost increases a lot. With our platform, you can automate E2E testing in a matter of seconds to ensure your software quality.

living doc

Living documentation

Lack of cohesive and updated documentations of specs makes a team difficult to get in sync. We generate human readable documentation from your automated test scenarios.


Reduce maintenance hassles

Due to frequent changes on UI, test cases get very fragile. Our AI detects code changes and update test scenarios automatically that are affected by the changes.

living doc dashboard

Initiate automatic testing in a matter of seconds

Easily write a software behavior as if you are speaking to your team. The resulting test code is automatically run to ensure your development is on the right path.

living doc dashboard

Never work in silo with living documentation

Automatic acceptance testing ensures that your specifications are always up to date. With only one source of truth, everyone can visualize the exact status.

  • Continuously deliver quality results

    Behivee supports Behavior Driven Development to continuously deliver quality results in a time and cost efficient manner. A test scenario is first defined collaboratively to ensure it is agreeable by the team. It is then used for automatic acceptance testing on your app.

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